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Today's core business curriculums generally instill a strong understanding of business principles, such as business management and leadership. Professors with theoretical and practical experience educate students both in the classroom and via hands on experiences. At some point during the course of their degree, most business management students are asked to solve a real world problem, either on their own or in a group. This sometimes includes traveling to countries with emerging economies. These projects can span an entire semester and are weighted heavily in grading. The goal, of course, is to prepare business management students for the real world experiences they will encounter after graduation.

Graduate business management students must choose at least one specialization. Choices include accounting, entrepreneurship, executive or part-time mba, finance, marketing and non-profit, among others. Many business management programs now offer specialized tracks for those who are interested in Internet startups, which have different business models. With the availability of venture capital and crowd sourced funding, entrepreneurial minded students can turn ideas into reality faster than ever. There is a sort of second coming of the Dot Com era. Business schools saw a flurry of students flocking for MBAs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, many hoping to cash in on the Dot Com boom. In the past few years, a number of entrepreneurial students have geared their studies toward capitalizing on non-traditional, technologically based businesses. Some of today's biggest business moguls started in a room with an idea, such as those from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few.

Many master of business management and administration students also focus on the global marketplace and multicultural, international relationships. Graduate degrees in international business prepare students for work in the global economy's diverse climates. Some programs even offer students the opportunity to work online with others at international universities.