The Graduate Programs Pre-Grad Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in our $1,000 Pre-Grad Scholarship. Our website is currently being overhauled and we appreciate your patience as we update to serve you better.

Pre-Grad scholarship Winners


Sarah Remer


I am honored to be accepting the Pre-Graduate scholarship and thrilled to have help in pursuing my goals to help others in the future. My dream is to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. Without programs and scholarships such as this one, achieving dreams such as these is near impossible for many students. If I succeed in my dream, I would like to give back by participating in Doctor’s without Borders.


Morgan Nicholson


I am sincerely honored to be a recipient of the Pre-Grad Scholarship. Thanks to the generosity of I am able to further purse my education at the graduate level. This scholarship will allow me to become exposed to the educational and clinical experiences needed to gain the professional expertise for a career as a speech-language pathologist. I aspire to apply and enhance the skills and knowledge I learn throughout my career as a student to achieve life-long success and make a difference in the lives of the people I work with. Again, thank you Graduate Programs for your support and bringing me one step closer to achieving my educational aspirations.


Luke Lombardo


I could not be more thankful for the scholarship has awarded me. This scholarship will allow me to pursue my dream to attend P.A. school. This scholarship is going to make it possible for me to be one step closer to achieving my dreams and helping so many people in the world. Thank you, Graduate Programs, for your incredible generosity, and for all that you do for students like me!


Rachael Schaaf


I cannot be more thankful for the scholarship has given me. Because of their generosity, I am able to pursue my master’s degree in Secondary English Education. Teaching and learning has always been a passion of mine, and I cannot wait to start impacting the lives of high school students inside and outside of the classroom. The decision to begin a master’s degree is no easy task when finances come into play, but this scholarship has made it possible for me to be one step closer to achieving my dreams. Thank you, Graduate Programs, for all that you do for students like me!


Kaitlyn Bluford


Being chosen as one of the recipients of the Pre-Grad Scholarship from is a huge honor as well as a huge aid in my pursuit of a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I am extremely thankful for the resources has provided me with as they have played a vital role in helping me achieve my dreams of pursuing a higher education and making a difference in the world. I am forever grateful!


Waleed Jami


I am at a loss for words. This scholarship is a major stepping-stone towards my educational goal of becoming an educational psychologist. I am so grateful for receiving the additional funding towards my future endeavors. It is a wonderful blessing to know that there are pleasant people in this world who care for a student’s education.


Kyra Woloszczuk


I am very grateful to have been chosen to receive the Pre-Grad Scholarship from This scholarship will aid me in pursing my Masters Degree in Biomedical Sciences with a focus in Infectious Diseases and Immunology. It is wonderful to know that there are organizations willing to assist graduate students with financial costs for tuition, textbooks, and other supplies. I am very thankful for receiving this help, especially in pursuing my career; this website has been a wonderful tool in helping me decide my future. Thank you Graduate Programs!


Kayla Sanchez


Through the scholarships that are provided by I’m able to pursue my masters in professional counseling psychology. This website provides you with the resources to make that next step in deciding to go to graduate school. They provide you with important information regrading graduate school but also give you the opportunity to receive money thorough scholarships. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams and you too can do so by browsing through this website and getting involved with your future.


Matthew Spears


Words have power; but they pale in comparison to the power of thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, it’s impossible to do Graduate Programs justice in a brief statement, considering the gift they have given me.  At a surface level, this scholarship has provided me much needed financial assistance that everyone understands.  More than that, though, this scholarship reaffirms my belief that there are real organizations in the world, merely looking to assist individuals who place an emphasis on pursuing education, with no strings attached.  For their help and belief in me, I am extremely grateful.  This small sample of a thank you won’t do Graduate Programs justice, so I will do my best to return the favor by putting this scholarship to good use as I continue working toward my goal of a master’s degree.  Thank you, Graduate Programs.