Clarion University of Pennsylvania

840 Wood St Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214

what they say

  • Mclaughlin89

    Class of 2018 Nursing

    I am very satisfied with the program.

  • Brandi

    Class of 2017 Nursing

    I love being able to take all of my classes online!!

  • Tmrivera

    Class of 2018 Library & Information Studies

    Still to early to tell.

  • Aly Gray

    Class of 2016 Library and Information Science

    Going back to school was a big decision -- Clarion validated and encouraged my goals!

  • Melissa6584

    Class of 2015 Library Science

    I can't really comment for the on campus environment, but the classes I'm taking seen worthwhile towards my future career and the professors are accessible and good. I think they could use more scholarships for students.

  • Val

    Class of 2014 Information Science

    The benefits are: Online course allowed for more time to work at home or at another job. Professors try to make the online experience as comfortable as attending a class in person, through different online avenues.

  • Aplopirs

    Class of 2013 Library and Information Science

    Great school with competitive tuition rates

  • Jenbarry

    Class of 2016 Nursing

    The pros of this program is that It is an online program that is flexible with no set time to meet. The cons are that there is no lecture.

  • Lesley.carey

    Class of 2014 Library Science

    Excellent online Masters of Library Science. Degree is useful in many job areas. Somewhat crowded, with competition to register for required classes.

  • Lisa

    Class of 2014 Library & Information Studies

    Clarion has been very convenient for me as a full time employee.

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