University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2801 S University Ave Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a bustling metropolitan campus with more than 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Despite the number of students, the student to teacher ratio is just 14:1. This means that students can expect face-to-face time with their professors, allowing for a better learning environment. Many of these professors have top degrees in their fields, and all are passionate about student success. This passion is what drives the university forward. The diverse student body includes people from 44 states and 63 countries.

The graduate programs found at UALR are as diverse as the people. There are sixty different graduate degree programs offered in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; the College of Business; the College of Education; the College of Engineering and Information Technology; the College of Professional Studies; and the College of Science. With so many programs to choose from, there is sure to be a program that fits the needs of every student. And no matter what program is the right fit, students will have their intellect challenged and expanded by attending graduate school at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

what they say

  • Walterk

    Class of 2016 JD

    This is a great program, located at the heart of the capital, and very affordable. This makes the program very attractive to those wanting to start careers in government or with private firms that focus in the Little Rock metro area. However, the school needs to improve its campus safety, diversity, and career services more. Recent changes in some positions has helped matters, but more needs to be done. Without more, this school does not support its program with student services that should be and are done better on other campuses.

  • Sraymgp

    Class of 2018 Public Administration

    The Public Administration program is a valuable, challenging program that provides a wide variety of career opportunities. The instructors are very helpful and push their students towards excellence. This is the only accredited MPA program in the state. I have attended this campus for three years and had a marvelous experience.

  • Ecdoyne

    Class of 2016 Speech Pathology

    Pros: Great sense of community. Everybody is kind of like a family and they are always looking out for each other. The faculty makes sure that the students are getting the support that they need. We are always learning and there are plenty of opportunities. Cons: Small population in the area.

  • NolanK

    Class of 2017 Social Work

    I am very happy to be part of the MSW program. The instructors are passionate, knowledgeable, and provide great practical advice and wisdom.


    Class of 2018 Rehabilitation Counseling


  • Lnannen

    Class of 2016 Administration

    I rated financial aid the lowest because I received my Master's degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in addition I took 40 additional hours above my Masters to get certifications in various areas of Education. All of these hours I received no financial aid and were paid for by myself or my family. When I applied for financial aid for my Educational Specialist degree I had too many graduate hours to qualify for Financial Aid. This is a University policy and at this time I really need financial aid. I am a single mom and providing for two kids and paying for graduate school on a teacher's salary was difficult. The content thus far of my graduate program in Educational Administration has been very worthwhile.

  • Kdwhite06

    Class of 2015 Social Work

    I finished my undergrad at the second largest college in Arkansas, UCA. I then went to further my education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I didn't think I would like or enjoy UALR. I love it! It's a small school found right in Little Rock. It's very diverse and there are a lot of things to do in Little Rock. My teachers have been great and I am really enjoying the graduate program. Plus, parking at a smaller school is AWESOME!

  • Brittany Wilkerson

    Class of 2016 Management

    I like UALR Grad Program. Can't wait to earn my degree

  • Bng0830

    Class of 2015 Rehabilitation Counseling

    Pro: Faculty and Staff are very helpful in guiding me towards my future goals. They offer great internship opportunities that could be potential career locations. All instructors are passionate about the courses they teach and include the proper resources for those who need extended help. Con: There aren't many scholarship opportunities available for the graduate programs. With such a large student population the competition is too great to be considered. This leaves a lot of students with excessive student loans that hinder them as aspiring professionals.

  • Cindy L

    Class of 2015 Higher Education

    The Higher Education program at UALR, has taught me a lot just in the first semester! I have been able to use my knowledge that I am learning in the class room and apply to real life in my graduate assistantship program. Something that I am not too fond about is that the classes are late at night, I sometimes worry about my safety being on campus that late. The professors are wonderful, they are very knowledgeable and are more than willing to help us out.

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