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  • Hmandes

    Class of 2016 Early Childhood Education

    I am just beginning the graduate program.

  • EmilyGrasso

    Class of 2017 Higher Education

    The Higher Education Administration program is very strong. There are three main faculty members for the core classes and they are excellent! It is great to get to know them and for them to get to know you personally as you work through the program.

  • Jwessel

    Class of 2013 English

    I felt like I wasn't just a student number in a huge classroom. My teachers knew who I was and made time to help me out with whatever I needed. The English program was very small and not many people outside of the major were taking the classes so meeting people who weren't English majors wasn't easy. Overall though I'm very happy with my experience in my graduate program.

  • Kdepompei

    Class of 2015 Counselor Education

    There are a few professors who I feel have given me very valuable training, while others do not even read my work. The work load for online classes is excessive but I believe the work in my core classes has been necessary in aiding my professional development. The program has taught me a lot but is very unorganized.

  • Kgflyer

    Class of 2015 Public Administration

    Although there aren't a lot of organizations on campus geared towards getting Grad students involved in campus activities, I am always impressed by the University of Dayton's Master of Public Administration program for its diversity of students and disciplines covered and great value. I've been exposed to a wide range of topics in public administration, and our class was even asked to be a consultant for a local city to provide statistical analysis on a major issue! The community and area business contacts that students have the opportunity to make are just outstanding as well. I currently work in the area of public administration, and I constantly learn things in my classes that make me a stronger professional at work.

  • Klucas

    Class of 2016 Anatomy

    The faculty flexible, friendly, encouraging, and are always available to assist you with anything you need. You form a family with your class within the first week of school and get to know each other extremely well! The campus is beautiful and there is a lot to do in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. The classes are intense, but the hardest part is just "getting in."

  • Nickbank1515

    Class of 2014 JD

    My graduate program is burdened by high tuition and low national rank, but the faculty is excellent.

  • Kristen

    Class of 2014 Marketing

    I love the graduate program at the University of Dayton. However, it is extremely expensive to attend school here. The community here is amazing and everyone really loves to get involved. I couldn't image myself at another school

  • Chowes

    Class of 2015 Secondary Education

    The University of Dayton has a wonderful education program with a lot of hands on experience. Professors are always available and helpful in gaining real world understanding of the material. The only con I have to say is at the moment the advisors are dealing with some staffing/realigning issues and have not been as helpful in the past few months as they normally are. It's a great school and I highly recommend it.

  • Feras Alsaid

    Class of 2015 Mechanical Engineering

    no comment

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