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  • Krbrown13

    Class of 2015 Special Education

    My experience with my course work at UNO has been great. I opted for UNO because they offered my degree completely online (Special Ed. with a concentration in Behavior Disorders) when no one else nearby has. The plus to this is that I am able to continue to work both jobs and my classes are flexible for planning with that. On top of it, even though I have been completely online I am still given many opportunities to interact with my classmates and teachers through discussion boards and online class meetings and office hours through things like WebEx. Professors are quick to respond, always helpful and encouraging for work well done. They make themselves readily available knowing that an online class can have flaws/technology issues. Overall a great experience for my grad program!

  • Crjackson

    Class of 2015 Library & Information Studies

    What I am learning and doing in my classes are relevant to what is taking place in the real world. I feel I will be prepared to enter the workforce with experience I have gained through the graduate program.

  • Vng72728

    Class of 2015 Counselor Education

    Pros- I love my program and the faculty Cons- Parking isn't the greatest

  • Tonim5

    Class of 2015 Public Policy

    The pros of this graduate program is the quality of professor expertise in working in the public administration field. Many of the professors have worked in both administrative and field project initiatives and have practical expertise. A con of the graduate program is the ability to network and socialize with both fellow graduate students, alumni and community members. More emphasis could be placed on collaboration for research and community initiatives.

  • Msheinbein

    Class of 2016 English

    The staff and faculty are always willing to help and support. I've managed to create a network of professionals that will benefit me in the future.

  • Alk1362

    Class of 2015 Business Administration & Management

    The professors are outstanding and offer a variety of backgrounds and experience.

  • Jenhun

    Class of 2018 Special Education

    It is my first class at UNO but, so far I find the people to be great, the professors supportive and easy to communicate with and the information relative and informative.

  • Inschool4therestofmylife

    Class of 2016 English

    The professors are enthusiastic and great teachers; the classes for this program are small and ideal for discussion based curriculum; there are a lot of available resources for research and study space on campus. This is more of a commuter school, so socializing and networking does not come as easily as at some other universities; depending on the time of day, parking can be very stressful; winter weather can be brutal for treks across campus.

  • Recentgrad2013

    Class of 2013 Business Administration & Management

    Very reasonably priced, friendly faculty and staff, exceptional building (Mammel). Cons are the lack of national reputation and limited number of electives.

  • Qingouyang

    Class of 2014 Software Engineering

    Pros: the envirenmonet is good as well as network Cons: none

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