2018 Best Schools for an Online MBA

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An MBA can be a valuable addition to advance a career in any industry. These 16 schools offer the best online MBA programs, which offer flexibility for a student already integrated into the workforce or a non-traditional student. One student at Saint Leo University (ranked #2 on this list) explains, “I enjoy learning from Saint Leo University because I am able to continue my graduate education while also working a full-time job. The convenience and ease of working on school work with my schedule is something I love with the online program.”

These 16 schools were ranked based on ratings from students who have enrolled in the online MBA program, ranging from a 74-99% satisfaction rate. Although these programs are for online students, some still consider the location of the school to be important. Most the schools on this list are situated in small to mid-sized cities or suburbs, with the exception of Kaplan University (#11 on the list), which offers exclusively virtual programs. Many schools offer in-state tuition, which can be a strategic way to lower graduate study costs. Although cost can be intimidating, most online MBA students are pleased with their decision to pursue this advanced degree. A student at The University of Scranton, the top school on the list, describes how valuable her program has been: "Online courses through The University of Scranton have allowed me to pursue my degree while working full time. The courses are very well rounded and informative. The teachers are extremely attentive and well versed in the material. Overall it has been a wonderful experience!"

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Rank College 2018 Student Score
#1 #1 The University of Scranton 2018 Student Score 99.17
#2 #2 Saint Leo University 2018 Student Score 91.67
#3 #3 Indiana University - Bloomington 2018 Student Score 91.39
#4 #4 Liberty University 2018 Student Score 90.83
#5 #5 Bellevue University 2018 Student Score 85.00
#6 #6 Western Governors University 2018 Student Score 84.83
#7 #7 Arizona State University 2018 Student Score 84.47
#8 #8 Southern New Hampshire University Online 2018 Student Score 82.50
#9 #9 University of Massachusetts - Amherst 2018 Student Score 81.54
#10 #10 University of Maryland University College 2018 Student Score 80.94
#11 #11 Kaplan University 2018 Student Score 80.78
#12 #12 Ohio University-Main Campus 2018 Student Score 80.29
#13 #13 Nova Southeastern University 2018 Student Score 79.67
#14 #14 University of Maryland - College Park 2018 Student Score 78.45
#15 #15 Colorado State University-Fort Collins 2018 Student Score 75.79
#16 #16 Upper Iowa University 2018 Student Score 74.41


Our goal in presenting this school data is to create a standardized and trustworthy method to assess institutions based on reliable statistics. In order for a school to be eligible to be featured on a 2018 Top Programs List, at least five students from that particular degree program must have submitted feedback on their institution. Graduate Programs only considers regionally or nationally accredited, non-profit institutions for our rankings. Aggregated student rating values were multiplied by 20 to create a Student Score out of 100; in the event of a tie, schools were awarded the same rank value.

Together with our internal recommend rate data, which is calculated based on tens of thousands of student reviews submitted to our site, the data used in the school listings were gathered in 2016-2017 from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). This site is the primary governmental entity for gathering and presenting data related to education. NCES data is updated annually. However, in many cases the most recently available data will not be for the current academic year. Additionally, tuition rates may vary by program, so prospective students should contact a representative from their institution of choice for more details.

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This indicates that a school has an annual tuition of $15,000 or less as reported to the National Center for Education Statistics or based on the school's website.