2017 Top Computer Science Schools for a Master's Degree

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Masters computer science

The eight schools that made our list of top colleges offering master's degrees in computer science were chosen based on student reviews. Some of the schools on our list are well-recognized, prestigious institutions such as Boston University, Brown University, and Stanford University, which fill 3 of the 4 top slots. Lesser-known but still highly-rated universities such as North Carolina State UniversityUniversity of Washington - Bothell and Indiana University - Bloomington also make the list, and help to offer graduate hopefuls a wide variety of choices. In a field sometimes associated with high tuition costs, University of Michigan-Flint offers very reasonable annual tuition of $14,751 for out-of-state students, making it the most affordable school on our list.

Students at the University of California-Irvine give the college a 94% approval rating, with one student describing the computer science program as "very challenging" with a "great college, campus, and professors." Another student went so far as to say that University of California-Irvine is the "best place to study the field of human-computer interaction" because he is able to "work with many outstanding researchers." Click on the colleges listed below to explore more reviews of our top-rated computer science programs.

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Rank College Campus Location 2017 Student Score
#1 #1 Boston University Campus Location Boston (MA) 2017 Student Score 88.31
#2 #2 Indiana University - Bloomington Campus Location Bloomington (IN) 2017 Student Score 86.29
#3 #3 Brown University Campus Location Providence (RI) 2017 Student Score 85.78
#4 #4 Stanford University Campus Location Stanford (CA) 2017 Student Score 85.38
#5 #5 University of Washington - Bothell Campus Location Bothell (WA) 2017 Student Score 85.18
#6 #6 University of California-Irvine Campus Location Irvine (CA) 2017 Student Score 82.61
#7 #7 University of Michigan-Flint Campus Location Flint (MI) 2017 Student Score 80.48
#8 #8 North Carolina State University Campus Location Raleigh (NC) 2017 Student Score 76.14


Our goal in presenting this school data is to create a standardized and trustworthy method to assess institutions based on reliable statistics. In order for a school to be eligible to be featured on a 2017 Top Programs List, at least ten students from that particular major must have submitted feedback on their institution. Graduate Programs only considers regionally or nationally accredited, non-profit institutions for our rankings. Aggregated student rating values were multiplied by 20 to create a Student Score out of 100; in the event of a tie, schools were awarded the same rank value.

Together with our internal recommend rate data, which is calculated based on tens of thousands of student reviews submitted to our site, the data used in the school listings were gathered in 2016-2017 from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). This site is the primary governmental entity for gathering and presenting data related to education. NCES data is updated annually. However, in many cases the most recently available data will not be for the current academic year. Additionally, tuition rates may vary by program, so prospective students should contact a representative from your institution of choice for more details.

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This indicates that a school has an annual tuition of $15,000 or less as reported to the National Center for Education Statistics or based on the school's website.